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Hello, My name is Alexander Czako, but I go by Alex. I am from Central New Jersey, just North of Princeton, and about an hour from New York City. I am a First-Year Honors Student at Northeastern, and I am a BSBA Candidate with a Concentration in Finance. I am writing you this letter today so that you know a little about me before we meet in person and have the daunting task of finding a co-op.
Getting into my Career Leader assessment, for Interests, my top two were Quantitative Analysis and Influencing Others. I feel like both are important in different aspects of my future career path. The first shows my ability to work with numbers and analyze them, aiding in doing research. The latter would allow me to pitch my findings with convictions and present them well. My top 2 motivations are Intellectual Challenge and Prestige. The prior falls in line with my interest in Quant, but prestige I believe harks from my striving to be the best at whatever I do. In Skills, my three were Quant and Influence again, and Critical Thinking. I feel that Critical Thinking falls within the same vein as Quant because it shows my problem-solving ability.
Out of my top three Career Matches, I would most like to try Private Equity Investment or Investment Banking. I feel like I would want my first co-op to be in one of these fields to see if I am really up to the grave I’m digging
The example co\-op assignment was quite difficult for me because of the weight that it felt that these practice decisions held. Like I said above, I am most interested in, but I would also be open to doing anything adjacent. In terms of skills, I feel a lot of the skills required for these co-ops are nothing spectacular. I feel that most people in my classes are proficient with excel and know how to do the basic functions of these jobs. As well with soft skills, while they are important, I feel that selling yourself and getting in the door would be the hard part.
I am planning on interning with an investment consulting firm over the summer. I am also trying to do research on foreign firm growth with one of my professors. I also try to go to speaker series whenever they are offered as well as panels hosted by clubs. I have also competed in case of competitions with friends in order to improve presenting skills and learning to think on my feet better. As for clubs, I am part of HA, which are the tour guides on campus. Through that club, I have become a much more confident speaker. Parents will never fail to catch you off guard and they expect immaculate answers and this club has given me the skills to fabricate sufficient responses or handle situations I don’t know the answer to. I am also in TAMID where I have partaken in both stock pitches and consulting. On the prior, with a team, I did a DCF and valuation of a company and presented to the club. On the latter, I worked directly with the CEOs of a VR startup to create training materials, decreasing the time required to train new hires and lowering costs.
Honestly, I’m not 100% sure I want to go down the path of IB. I would like my first co-op to be in that field so I know as soon as possible if I need to switch my concentration, or just the way I plan on implementing it. Other than that the work experience is great to gain, and the possibility that it could be a connection I use down the line.
As for location I would be open to considering, but my idea co\-op would be in NJ or NYC. Saying the latter is probably much more likely, that’s where I hope to end up. If not possible or I get a better offer elsewhere, I would be willing to relocate.
I look forward to meeting you, and will continue working on myself and will hopefully have more to tell you by the time we meet. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I’m sure you have a carbon copy of this document from practically every student. Any help that you are able to give is of huge help. Again, thank you so much.
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